Friday, December 6, 2013

The Advice We'd Give Our 25 year-old sleves

I happened across an article on Oprah's website about the advice that we'd give our 25-year-old selves, and I thought, "Yeah, I have to write out my advice to myself." I knew it would be thought-provoking. It was and still is. I would love to hear from you and see your letters to your younger selves. It makes you think
(The picture is my favorite hubby and me in Hawaii at age 25. Look at all the hair we had!)

All the best, always!

Hello to my younger 25-year-old self,

Let go of the idea that you need to please everyone…

because as hard as you have tried, you can't!

Don't let what others think of you be your beacon in life.

Care just enough about what people think that you will always do what is best for you and for your loved ones.

Know that there will be some tough times in life,

but don't anticipate them and don't overthink them. Know that "this too shall pass" and you are a heck of a lot stronger than you thought you were. Know that a Don't Stop Believin' attitude will help you more than you everthought it would, even when it is really tough.

Don't let anyone be a dream stealer.

When you envision it, hold that vision in the best feeling place possible within you, and when you get to a place of worry or fear, just send up a prayer for God to take care of it.

Give up trying to control anything outside of yourself.

You now say at 25 years young to "Let go and let God", but you will learn to say, "Let go and TRUST God."

You are surrounded by great people.

Don't take them for granted. Do more to show what they mean to you every chance you get.

Your life is a blessed life.

Don't ever doubt that! Have lots of fun, don't do things in normal ways. Most importantly, laugh out loud a lot.

From your 49-year-young self,
Don't Stop Believin'!
Love, Me