Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Favorite Quote...

Most people have a quote that resonates with them, something that they fall back on when they need some inspiration or motivation. You see quotes mostly from famous people, not so much from just ordinary people, but maybe those are the ones that say anonymous because the person is unknown. Rather than put a person's name that no one knows they choose to put anonymous - something to ponder!
I have a quote that I have said for many years, one that applied not just to my life but many others that I have worked with throughout my career. Someday I will share that quote with you, or maybe I will post the quote and give credit to anonymous. Oh well, that is another post in the future.
The whole point of this blog post was to share with you one of my favorite quotes that has given me a lot of motivation throughout my life. It’s by W. Clement Stone.
"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
Things don't always turn out exactly the way that I conceive them to be, but I have found this to be God working in a way that is best for me. Part of my Let go and Trust God!
If you have a quote that you love, please share!
All the best, always!

The photo is of Tracy and I on the Bill Cunningham radio show on WLW. When we were preparing for Tracy’s Don’t Stop Believin’ Benefit in 2010, I wanted to get as much exposure to her story and the benefit as possible so I contacted the media and they invited us to come on the show. It was so much fun. People knew it was us on the radio just from our laughs. Tracy would call me her manager but I told her that we needed to do whatever it took to get her story out there to inspire others and that is what we are continuing to do today with Help Your Hero.