Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Member Update for HelpYourHero.org

Thank you for being a part of Help Your Hero!

When we launched seven months ago we knew we needed to continue through a "test” phase to see how members interacted within our community. Being a unique, new concept to the world has it pros and cons, so being proactive with necessary changes has been at the forefront of our team. We want to ensure that we make Help Your Hero the best experience for all involved.
As a result of our observations, we will be making changes to HelpYourHero.org. Primarily, we'll be shifting from the private "Headquarters" to a community site that will focus on how to answer the burning questions that are often asked but the communities around our Heroes. There is much more to it than what we can practically explain here, though, and over the next several weeks and months, you'll begin to see the larger picture of our new solution.
One important change that will effect a great many of our members is the removal of child accounts. We've come to realize that the solutions we can offer the best, and the ones that make the most difference, are those that our adult members can use. We'll still have plenty for the kids, and your Superheroes will still have the opportunity to create their own superhero character, but by eliminating the child accounts, we are able to offer a better registration experience, and put less pressure on our SuperParents to fully build their child's Headquarters. The change will no doubt feel a bit weird, but we truly believe it's the best decision at this time.
We'll be in touch as we continue to make changes to the site and adjust the membership settings. Don't be surprised if you log on and everything is a bit different! If you have a question, or get confused about the change, please contact us.
Thank you again for your help in propelling Help Your Hero in the right direction. We hope these changes will allow us to better serve each of you in the ways you need most.

The Hero Helpers
Jackie Waters & Janis Hurst
(859) 441-6393