Friday, December 13, 2013

Can over used words lose their meaning or keep it?

Sometimes words can get over used, but I hope in many cases that the meaning of the word (or words) is never undervalued, like the phrase pay it forward. There is a great movie with this title that started a movement and it continues today.
To me, Pay It Forward means giving back to someone else because of something that someone did for you. Now paying it forward doesn’t have to always be the result of someone giving something to you. You can pay it forward any time you want, just because you want to help someone. A Pay It Forward does not have to be something big or include money. A kind gesture will also do.
I can be known as a Pollyanna at times. I want everyone to have the best life that they can envision for themselves – to have all their great dreams come to life. I know that I am not alone, though. Many people want the best for everyone. As I sign off on each of my blog posts, All the best – Always, I am not just saying this. I really want the best for everyone. Can you just imagine what kind of a place this world would be if that were the case?
We don't want the phrase pay it forward to be meaningless words. Let them become something in your life - a way of looking at life as one constant pay it forward. I believe we all have something that we can pay forward in our lives. 

All the best, always!

The photo is of Tracy and her SuperFriends in 2010. They are a big reason why Tracy always wanted to Pay It Forward. They were there for Tracy throughout her journey with her brain cancer.