Monday, December 9, 2013

A Way to Cope...

No fear for our future; no regrets for the past

This ran through my head on 1/12/12 as I lay awake unable to sleep - again. I felt in my bones that it meant something, so I grabbed my notepad and pen and wrote it down in the dark as I have done in the past with different things. But this was different. This was similar to the time when the thought of Help Your Hero came to me. I knew it meant something more.
When I woke in the morning and read my note, I was amazed that I could read it because I often have a hard time reading my notes made in the dark, and sometimes even the ones I’ve written to myself in the light. This one, however, stood out like a beacon. This note is about the two things that people do the most - fear the future and have regrets for the past. I was one of those people as well.
This quote has become a mantra for me. I knew it was from God and I knew that I should heed the wisdom in it, although sometimes I find it hard to do within my daily life. But if or when I forget and send up a prayer for guidance, this quote comes back to me again and again, and it has helped me through some tough moments.
1/12/12 was just a few weeks before Tracy's health worsened and we entered into what I call the last 3 months - which are the last three months of her life on earth. I knew that it meant that there were some things coming that were going to test me, but I didn’t want to over think it. I could not fear for the future. I knew that I could be presented with situations that I could regret, but I was being told not to.

I see now with hindsight that this was another tool handed to me to enable me to deal with situations presented before me, and I am very thankful that they were given to me to help me cope.
We all have our ways of coping and skills that were given to us throughout our lives. This was one of mine, and I hope it helps others cope. Now I ask you to share some of yours. Please share anything that helps you to cope through your tough moments in life. It may just help someone else.
All the best, always!