Monday, March 17, 2014

Paying It Forward One Superhero at a Time

We get really excited every time we get to connect with various media outlets. We are incredibly thankful and humbled when we get to see featured on CNN,, or But there’s an interesting thing that happens when the dust settles between stories. We instantly begin brainstorming about the next media project because we know we haven’t reached every Superhero that needs us, and we’ll never stop working toward this goal.

It’s always been one of our goals at to get international attention for our unique and free services because we know that there are Superheroes everywhere around the world. So today we are really excited to be one step closer and on our way to getting some of this international attention with the book Your Unique Pay-It-Forward Story: Passing on Experiences of Giving.

The book, developed by Gideon Nelsen of, is designed to inspire and increase awareness of one another. A collection of pay-it-forward stories will be featured in the book, and Jackie’s and Tracy’s inspirational story and how came to be will be one of them! There will also be a story by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward from which the popular movie was based on, will also be featured in this book.

The book is still in the early stages of development, so we don’t yet have a timeline for publication and we don’t know where it can be purchased. However, as we learn more about it, we will update you here and on our social media pages. I gave Jackie the news last week and she wanted to pass along some of her thoughts about it:

Upon receiving this news, I am just elated to know that this awesome book Gideon is creating and is going to be published internationally will helps us to reach even more families that can benefit from our services. Tracy asked the question in 1991 about those that have done so much for her and our family: “How are we going to pay all these people back, Jack?”  Well, it is now being answered in a big way by being honored as one of the stories in this book.
We look forward to sharing our story with the world, but it is our profound hope that by sharing our story and getting the word out about, Superheroes around the world will feel empowered by it and therefore be able to share their stories, too.

T. Bartlett
PR Manager and Story Writer