Friday, March 7, 2014

Don't you just love a good PIF story?

​Pay-It-Forward became a popular catch phrase when the movie of the same name was released in 2000, but the concept of paying it forward has been going on for many years by many different people. I believe that people really do love helping others in some big or small ways when the opportunities present themselves. I also believe that people want to be a part of something good when it comes within their grasp.

In 1991, Tracy found out that she had a rare brain cancer at the same time she was pregnant with her second child. Following the birth her healthy son Austin via c-section, Tracy went on to have two brain surgeries, and all of this happened within a two-month time period.

Tracy and our family began to see an outpouring of love. Everyone who had heard her story wanted to help. Tracy looked at me one day and said, "How can we pay all these people back, Jack? I responded, “We may not be able to pay that particular person back, but we can pay it back to others that need it.” (I should have coined the phrase of Pay-It-Forward then!) Thus began a great journey for my sister and me helping others and eventually the idea for was born in 2009.

Help Your Hero is our Pay-It-Forward (PIF) in a big way. Tracy always wanted and needed to find a way to help others through their journeys with their medical conditions and is the result of this need. We are here to help people and their Heroes.
I love good Pay-It-Forward stories, so one of my jobs each week is to find the PIF stories to share on our “People Who Are Paying-It Forward” board on Pinterest! They are great stories that just make you feel good inside. I have to admit that reading these stories can be contagious. After I read a good PIF story, I just want to do something to do something for someone.

If you have a good PIF story that I have not found yet, please send it to me.

All the best, always!