Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How words can affect us...

I have been amazed for years by author Masaru Emoto’s studies and experiments with water. Emoto wrote several volumes in a work entitled Messages from Water, and it is a must-read.

I have always believed that words are very powerful and Emoto’s work is helping to prove this. In this study, they use examples of positive words like Love and Appreciation and negative words like Adolph Hitler and they go on to show the effects that the words had on water. You can see more information about the work and photographs here.

My sister Tracy began to surround herself with positive words such as Believe in 1991 when she was received the grim diagnosis of her brain cancer. She knew it was not good news, but she believed that she needed to stay positive and surround herself with positive words as well as positive people. Her 21-year journey against all odds even ended with the words "In Remembrance of me…Don’t Stop Believin’.”

So with this in mind - Tracy’s inspiring journey with important and positive words and the findings of Emoto’s studies - when we created our line of motivational merchandise, we knew that positive words were a must, and this is why you see the words Believe and Hero peppered throughout our merchandise. If Emoto’s studies and findings are accurate, then wearing some positive words can be very healing. After all, our body is made up of about 60% water.

Check out our motivational merchandise for yourself or send the merchandise directly to someone else (with a gift message which you can include) that may need a positive message reminder.

Today I am sporting my Don’t Stop Believin’ Sweatshirt just so I can feel the effects of these positive words.

All the best, always,